So let’s start making everything about rakeback clear. I am going to start from the first part of the word – rake. Traditionally, rake could be called a charge or fee that online poker web sites take from each hand. This amount is taken directly from the pot, right before the wining poker player of the hand collects his or her winnings. Usually the amount of the rake varies from $0.50 to $3.00 per each hand. It is the simple way how online poker rooms make their money because as you know, poker players are playing with each other and not with the house.

Rakeback deal could be concerned as an attractive program that these online poker rooms offer via different affiliate partnerships. Through these affiliate and sub-affiliate and their intensive marketing strategies to attract as more poker players as possible the online poker rooms will allow the affiliate to entice the poker players with 30 per cent rakeback offers. It means that a poker player could generate $1,000 in monthly gross revenue and instead of losing this money forever, the affiliate web site that a poker player signed up through will give them 30 per cent of it back as a amount of monthly rakeback payment. It is a great way to add some money to your winnings. It is an addition $300 of a revenue that you would have never see in the case you do not have a rakeback deal.

Ok, now you have understood what the rakeback deals and how they work. Now I am going to tell you how you can get your hands on it. First of all you have to locate an affiliate web site that strikes your interest. Traditionally it is not a deal of colors on the page, but by what they are offering you. You have to pay your attention on such moments as:

– Types of the monthly promotions they are offering.
– Types of bonuses they are offering.
– The speed of their customer support system.
– How fast your monthly payments.
– Credibility and legacy of the information on their web sites.

All these information could be easily found on the search engines. When you choose one among the variety of the affiliate poker web sites, you have to use links for the web site of your choice and follow the directions. When you have found out the proper web site just sign up and enjoy the difference.

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