The Baccarat is a very old game, it has been known for centuries. The origin of it is controversial whether it is an Italian or French game. The ‘’baccarat’’ word means ‘’zero’’ in English. It is said that one of the versions about its origin is that it was invented by an Italian gambler named Felix Falguierein in the middle ages. During these times it was a game of Etruscan ritual. After some time, the baccarat was introduced and practiced in France before becoming a casino game; but while traveling to one country to another; it has been suffering some changes.

Meanwhile, this specific game ‘arrived’ to England and South America. In the late 1950s Tommy Renzoni has introduced it in Las Vegas, known as European Baccarat. This way it has spread al around the World. Some other variations of Baccarat have been introduced, among which the Mini Baccarat, which has the same rules as the American version, the only difference is that it can be played with lower betting limits. Even though certain changes have been made about its gaming procedures, the game of Baccarat has remained one of the favorite ones for gamblers.

The greatest thing about baccarat, which makes it a popular game is that it’s simple to play, players can bet on the on their own hand, or the bank (Banco or Punto). Very rarely they use Standoff.

Cards are dealt to the players; each player receives two cards and can ask for a third. Players bet Banco, Punto or Standoff.

Once the dealing is complete, the player with the highest count wins. The value of the cards is different then in other games: cards from 1 to 9 worth the face value, 10, J, K, Q count as 0, A is a 1.

Here are some simple rules on what to do after you have received your first 2 cards, based on the total of points you have:
• 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 sau 5 – ask for a third card
• 6 sau 7 – stay with the cards
• 8 sau 9 – natural hand – you already won

The game of Baccaratis loved, because it is easy to play, the rounds are fast and you can win a large amount in just a short period of time. In the old days, baccarat was considered to be the game of high society but these days, with thousand of online casinos, all you have to do is choose one, which offers the best casino bonus, download the software, install it, and start having fun and winning money.